Dance Unlimited is a full service competition studio offering Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, and Lyrical instruction for dancers ranging age from 3 to 18, and abilities ranging from beginner to advanced, from September through May.
Classes are taught by experienced qualified instructors. Their mission is to help young dancers develope a love for the art of physical expression and movement to music. Dance Unlimited strives to develope the untapped potential of each dancer while enhancing self esteem, physical fitness, confidence, and the value of being part of a team.
Judy Reavis has a degree in Elementary Education/Dance from Eastern Washington University. She has taught dance in the Inland Northwest for over 20 years, having choreographed for Christian Youth Theater, Missoula Children's Theatre, and many local high schools. Her students have won numerous awards and scholarships at state and national programs.
Kristi Denney is a graduate of Dance Unlimited and has over 20 years dance experience. She has taught at studios throughout the Northwest, and has performed professionally as a magician assistant at Silverwood Theme Park, and danced at the '96 Atlanta Olympics. She has a degree in graphic design and a degree in psychology from the University of Idaho. She is also a photographer and even designed this website!

Tap - Kristi Denney

Jazz - Judy Reavis